Penn. Bowhunter is more prepared than ever


Lancaster, PA-
Scooter Jones of Pennsylvania is more prepared for this year’s deer bowhunt than in any year prior. He has purchased new camo gear, tree stand and the same release that his favorite hunting celebrity swears by. Last year his hunting boots were a serious problem, causing him to be exhausted after a mile of hiking in with his gear but this year his new boots should be able to keep up the pace.
His preparation is not just limited to new gear. He has taken the time to watch every hunting show on his DVR, review the previous twelve months of hunting magazines and follow all the hunting pages on Facebook. He has also assembled an assortment of high protein snacks and started a strict regime of Mountain Ops drinks.
After extensive research he has charted out on a map where he will hang his tree stand and when he needs to leave to arrive on time. Since he is already packed his car and doesn’t leave for two more days, he will have time to dust off his bowcase, take out his bow and check that the sight marks haven’t moved since last year. Despite not having shot his bow since last hunting season when he missed his buck by three feet, Scooter was proud to say that all four arrows he shot hit the hay bale at ten yards.
Looking forward to seeing picture of your monster buck, Scooter!


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