10 normal questions to think about over and over again at 2AM

  1. Do you have all the W-2s, 1099, medical receipts, escrow closing statements, insurance statement, child care bills, charity donations receipts, gamble loss numbers, car registrations, property taxes bill and local taxes statements you need for your taxes that are due in 8 months?
  2. Does your dog or cat really love you or is it all an act because they don’t have thumbs?
  3. Do people remember that time 5 years ago when you said “the point is mute” in a meeting and do they take turns doing an impression of you saying it?
  4. Could your significant other do better and what online dating site will you sign up for when they leave? Will there be a better class of prospects or will it be the same terrible selection of people that you encountered last time you were dating? Are there new sexual expectations and positions that you don’t know? Is it cute or sad to have your dog in your profile picture with you?
  5. Are your parents proud of you or do they wish they had bought an RV to tour the country instead?
  6. What if you never find your life’s purpose and you have to work a meaningless job full of paperwork and terrible coworkers every day until you retire?
  7. How will you die and will it be embarrassing like being found by a good-looking firefighter after the cat ate off your face?
  8. How do you know if you have insomnia?
  9. What could you use to defend yourself if someone broke into your bedroom because they had the wrong address and thought you were an international jewel thief with a fortune in uncut diamonds under your bed?
  10. What would it feel like if someone stuffed you in a safe and threw it in a pool? You claw at the side of the safe as your fingernail tear and your screams echo in the tight pitchblack space. What if they threw the safe in a body of water and you tumbled around until it hit the bottom, the water slowly seep in until the last pocket of air disappeared and your lungs burning until you gulped water into your lungs? Or if they set the house ablaze all around the safe and it got hotter and hotter inside, burning every part of you that touched the metal?

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