NaNoWriMo event mostly Talking

NaNoWriMo event mostly Talking

Nov. 22nd, 2016

Local bookstore The Turned Page hosted a National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo, write-in, an event where authors come to one place to write but this time they were more focused on talking about writing then putting words down on a page. NaNoWriMo occurs yearly where people commit to writing a fifty thousand word book over the month of November.  The bookstore was brimming over with discussions of whether to self-publish or get an agent and go through a traditional publisher. Coffee was spilled across the writing table when enthusiastic gesturing knocked over the carafe.  Luckily no one had set up their laptops.

The dozen or so authors present, many of whom chose to go by their future pen names, had their own reasons for participating in NaNoWriMo. Penny McThrusting was inspired by the recent success of Fifty Shades of Gray. “I can write about sticking tab A into slot B, C and D and apparently the idiots that buy these books will just eat it up.”

Jameson Bond, a grandfather of seven shared, “I’ve always figured that anyone can write a book but I never had the time.  Now that I’m retired I’ll whip out a book for some easy money. I mean I speak English all day, how much harder can it be to write?”

But not everyone present was focused on the financial benefits of writing, Xena Ladyhawk, a local college student shared what inspired her. “I’ve been told I have a once-in-a-generation gift for writing ever since I won my school’s 3rd grade writing contest. I want to write a book that will be post-genre and show people what literature can really be.  That’s what true artists do.”

While many present were excited to start on their first book, there were several that had been writing for years like a local teacher Lily Lilac. “This is the thirty-fifth book I’ve started but I know that this time I finally have the right idea.” Another local, Helmet Greyskull said, “The book I’m working on already has the rough draft completed. I’ve been editing it for eleven years but I think I should be done in a few months.”

The Turned Page owner, Lucy Smith, said that overall the event was fun but not as productive as expected.  “Thirteen people came and all together they only wrote 400 words.”


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